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Shaft Coupler 5mm X 12mm Flexible Coupling 25x30mm

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Shaft Coupler 5mm X 12mm Flexible Coupling  25x30mm 

5x12mm jaw Shaft Coupler Flexible Coupling 25x30mm Shaft Coupler 5 mm To 12mm D25 L30
Easy to install,buffer,damping,convenient to disconnect.
Shaft coupler often used to connect servo motor,
stepper motor, encoder, screw driving, machine platform, etc.

- Structure : Jaw / Spider
- Flexible or Rigid : Flexible
- Model Number : Spider Shaft Coupling
- Body Material : Aluminum Alloy
- Sleeve Material : Polyurethane
- Length         : 30mm
- Diameter : 25mm
- Shaft Diameter : 25mm
- Inner Diameter : 12mm

Package Included:
1x Motor Shaft Coupler Coupling

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