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PWM Generator Digital LED Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency

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2 Channel Dual Way Independent  PWM Generator Digital LED Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency

Board Module 5-30V/Micro Usb 5V Power

Module description

Two independent PWM output, you can set the frequency, duty cycle;
Wide frequency range and high accuracy;
Serial communication
Two independent PWM output, you can set the frequency, duty cycle
XXX (no decimal point): the smallest unit is 1Hz, the value range of 1Hz ~ 999Hz;
XX.X (decimal point in ten): the smallest unit is 0.1Khz; value range 0.1KHz ~ 99.9KHz
X.X.X. (three decimal places): the smallest unit is 1Khz; value range 1KHz ~ 150KHz
Three frequency ranges share a duty cycle, all set parameters, power down save.

Parameter settings

Module has three buttons are: Set, Up, Down;
D1: PWM2 duty cycle; FR2: PWM2 frequency; dU2: duty cycle of PWM2), there will be a corresponding parameter before switching, by pressing the [Set] key, the four parameter values are switched (FR1: PWM1 frequency; Flashing prompts.
Press the Up, Down buttons to change the current parameter value (long press to fast or fast down).
Two PWM each preset three kinds of frequency value, in the frequency display interface, by pressing the ?SET? key to switch, the three kinds of frequency duty cycle consistent. (XXX: range 1Hz ~ 999Hz; XX.X: range 0.1Khz ~ 99.9Khz; X.X.X .: range 1Khz ~ 150Khz,).

Module parameters:

Operating voltage: 5 - 30V support micro USB 5.0V power supply;
Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz;
Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%;
Signal load capacity: the output current can be 8 - 30ma or so;
Output amplitude: default 5V V-pp (can be changed by external power supply);
Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +70 ?.

Applicable scope

Used as a square wave signal generator, generate square wave signal for experimental development and use;
For generating a square wave signal for driving the stepper motor driver;
Generate adjustable pulse for MCU use;
Produce adjustable pulse, control related circuit (PWM dimming speed and other applications)

Package Included:

1 x 2 way Independent  PWM Generator

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